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GPT-2 Examples


In a shocking finding, scientist discovered a herd of unicorns living in a remote, previously unexplored valley, in the Andes Mountains. Even more surprising to the researchers was the fact that the unicorns spoke perfect English.

Model Completition:

At last count, researchers had found the remains of 57 unicorns on the edge of a gully of an unnamed valley. Today, they were excavating in a private land where the herd and their remains were located. But it was a 21-year-old man who claimed to have found the dead species.

"They said, 'Give us all the meat you have,'" said Hilaia Rodríguez, who is head of communications and publicity for the Las Plata provincial government. "And I said 'Okay.' And I brought the carcass to him, where he cut it up and he ate it. His impression is that it was made out of alpaca.


A train carriage containing controlled nuclear materials was stolen in Cincinnati today. Its whereabouts are unknown.

Model completition:

The train from Fort Wayne was traveling to Germany when the conductor noticed a man sneaking off with one of its extra tires.

The train was carrying 3,542 pounds of highly enriched uranium (HEU), which is controlled under the 1961 Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

The transport system for HEU was shutdown for security reasons.

Cincinnati police say the man was arrested in Louisville, Kentucky.

While the wheels of the train were initially missing, the city gave everyone evacuated at the station the option of taking a bus that could pick up the tires and bring them back to the station. Police told 10TV the thief now has a lot more time to think about the lives he's likely destroyed.

A statement from Amtrak said: "We have no information to indicate that there was any compromise of the safety of passengers or crew on board the train"


Miley Cyrus was caught shoplifting from Abercrombie and Fitch on Hollywood Boulevard today.

Model completition:

A rep for the singer tells TMZ, "Miley was approached by an Abercrombie and Fitch sales associate who informed her she could not leave without paying for a pair of boots. She was given a chance to pay for the boots, but did not, and as a result, was asked to leave. Miley immediately put her money in her purse."

Miley is singing the line "I'm what I'm wearing" from the song I Kissed A Girl, which was released last month. We say: She sounds cute in that one.

The rep adds, "Miley was put on a shopping spree to fulfill her social media obligations. She unfortunately left the store without paying for her purchases. We would never seek to enforce shoplifting laws in this fashion."

Update, 8:20 p.m. PT: TMZ reports that Cyrus was unaware


Legolas and Gimli advanced on the orcs, raising their weapons with a harrowing war cry.

Model completition:

The two warriors swung down their axes in a grisly feast. Throwing themselves into battle, the Orcs broke down from the draught of blood flowing through their bodies.

"Here, those are for you, ye boys," the Beast Master yelled, "and these are for me, to brag to the Lion! Come, it shall never die."

With a triumphant cry, Balin raised his staff and tossed the Orc yoke to Gimli and his men. The Witch King led his Men over the burning plains and across the untamed swamps.

"Brothers, we have fought a fierce battle, against giants, against Goblins, against Huns, and against Trolls. And all in vain. Oh, ye have done well, so well. Good Captain, had ye not befriended a few Tusker brethren you would already be slain by"


For today’s homework assignment, please describe the reasons for the US Civil War.

Model completition:

What began as a dispute over slavery quickly evolved into an all-out war that was fought for the preservation of the Union, not only for the preservation of slavery," said historian James Truslow Adams. "The North, though led by President Abraham Lincoln, was not opposed to slavery, it was opposed to the institution." Adams says this was a major turning point in the American Civil War as it began to take its final shape.

While Lincoln did oppose slavery, he also saw slavery as a necessary part of the Union, and that if America was to become a strong nation, it was imperative for the Union to have the greatest amount of slaves on it and the greatest amount of money with which to fund the Union's war machine," said Adams.

And what were the major themes of the Union's war?

Adams notes that the major theme of the United States


Recycling is good for the world. NO! YOU COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG!!

Model completition:

Recycling means to destroy the natural world in order to recycle the natural world. If recycling were good for the earth and people, we would not be in the world we are in now! I want to start a new movement to stop the destruction of the earth and the people within it. It will be called the 'Wreckers' Party', and I want you to know this. This is not a joke. The people in power will not give us a voice to stop the destruction of the earth. We must demand that we have that voice. We must stop the destruction of the earth. If we do not get together and organize to stop this, they are going to do it without us. We need to organize ourselves, and we need to organize ourselves in groups and movements. I know there are many who are concerned about the current climate change. If you do not feel that this