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To change any configurationo SSH to the EC2 instance using the public IP address of the instance and the keypair selected at launch time. The default user is ubuntu.

ssh -i ~/keypair.pem [email protected]<ip-addres>

Config directoriese

All config files for JupyterHub are located at the /opt/jupyterhub/config/ directory.

This includes the that can be used to control the behaviour of JupyterHub.

Configuration for the Jupyter sessions can be set globally on the /etc/jupyter directory. For example Voila config.


By default JupyterHub will be available at the public IP address of the instance.

To set a specific DNS as the access point put the DNS on the /opt/jupyterhub/config/jupyterhub_dns file. For example:

After that restart JupyterHub

sudo systemctl restart jupyterhub

And can access JupyterHub at


Note that the software uses only HTTP for communication. We strongly recommended adding SSL termination.

This can be achieved using an external load balancer such as AWS ALB or any external service.

This can also be done directly on the JupyterHub configuration. Add the following lines to /opt/jupyterhub/config/

c.JupyterHub.ssl_key = '/path/to/my.key'
c.JupyterHub.ssl_cert = '/path/to/my.cert'